Privacy Statement


Aatrix Software is committed to protecting the privacy of customer information. Aatrix employs multiple levels of security to protect information provided by our customers. Aatrix uses the information collected from our customers to file tax reports and make payments on their behalf. No information collected will be made available to anyone other than the government agencies that require it and for communications from Aatrix to the customer.

  1. Aatrix’s already impressive security measures are constantly improved to meet the ever-changing security environment. Aatrix utilizes the well-recognized leader in security monitoring and consumer confidence leader “McAfee SECURE” designation to its eFile center. Our Aatrix State & Fed Payroll Reports™ module provides a secure, encrypted transfer process and storage system that is tested and validated daily.
  2. Aatrix employs layers of security to insure that your files are safe on your machine, in-transit to the taxing authority and Aatrix's eFile Center, and when data/files reside on our servers.

    Files are encrypted when they are created and stored on your machine and can only be accessed via the software on your computer.

    Throughout the eFile process the file is again encrypted using the highest TLS industry standards.

    While the file resides within the Aatrix Payroll eFile Center's servers, both the physical facility and the data storage process are protected using multiple levels of security.
  3. Aatrix collects only the information required to file reports/payments and provide alerts and updates to our customers. Customers may opt-out of any messaging they receive.
  4. Information concerning the fees charged for the eFile services by customer is provided to Aatrix software licensees for the purpose of completing our contractual obligation to those partners. No financial data, bank account, EIN information is shared with anyone other than the government agencies that reports and payments are filed with.
  5. Any Aatrix employee involved in processing company information is vetted and subject to strict confidentiality requirements. Our eFile facility has restricted access and only those employees have access to this facility.
  6. Fees are collected via credit card transaction. These transactions are processed using industry security standards for privacy and credit card information is managed with the security our customers expect. Aatrix has never had a security failure and no credit card information has ever been compromised.
  7. The fulfillment center processing our W2s, 1099s, and ACA maintains SOC2 certification among others and provides HIPAA compliance where applicable.

Aatrix is committed to providing the highest security possible and will continue to employ the most current technologies to insure the privacy of our customers.